After using my Apple Watch for the first month or so, I feel like the novelty has worn off, and I've settled into a normal day to day with it. While there are already a lot of really great apps on the Apple Watch. These are the ones that I find myself using most often every day. The ones that I find make my life easier. These are the ones that I feel actually add to my life. These are the first apps I can think of, off the top of my head whenever I'm asked about the Apple Watch. I also won't be including any built in apps on this list because, what's the point of that?

Number 5:

Whenever I need to make some quick calculations, whether my phone is nearby, in my pocket, or right in front of me on the table, I always end up using PCalc on my Apple Watch. It's just always there. It's dead simple to use, a lot more straight forward than other calculator apps, and it can also handle a lot different tasks. One thing I love about this app that I haven't seen in other calculator apps is PCalc's glance. PCalc's glance lets you see the result of your last Apple Watch Calculation, and the result of your last iPhone calculation, which comes in really handy for recalling things later. I find myself using PCalc at least once every day for different tasks.

Number 4:
WebMD Reminders;

There are certain health conditions that require some of us to take medication over and over, but in the type of lifestyles that most of us live nowadays, it's really hard to remember to take them on time or take them at all. That's where WebMD Reminders comes in. You can pick what time, on which days it should remind you and WebMD reminders will do it. With its actionable notifications you can even choose between Taken or Skipped right on that notification. I tried this on my phone and it helped me remember rarely, but on my watch WebMD Reminders is a god send. Admittedly I never use the glance, because it seems pointless when I can just as easily reply right from the notification, but maybe other people will find use in that. Despite the limited utility of its glance, WebMD Reminders is invaluable to me.

Number 3:
Do Button;

I have been a big fan of almost since the very beginning. I was singing its praises to anyone that would listen. Do Button is a great app for harnessing the power of I can set up three Do Buttons to do whatever I'd like them to do. I've set up a Do Button to control one of my WeMos, I set up a Do Button to control my Living Room Hue Lights. Lately though all three Do Buttons have been reprogrammed to different settings for my Wink Air Conditioner. It's really hot this summer here in NYC, Do Button helps me manage the temperature, and I thank for that. They've stolen my heart.

Number 2:
Philips Hue;

I'm into simple home automation, as you could probably guess by my previous pick. I have loved my Philips Hue lights since the moment they first came out. With the Philips Hue app on my watch, I can control my lights from my wrist. It also makes for a really good demo when people come over to my place. The Philips Hue lights are great and versatile, I can control them from almost any device since they have an open API and they come very highly recommended by me. Philips Hue on my Apple Watch is a clear winner.

Number 1:

As a commuter in New York City, driving is almost always out of the question, Parking Fees are prohibitively high, traffic is crazy, and even finding parking is usually an hour long task. The Subways and Busses are the only real way to get around the city on a tight schedule. Transit helps me navigate the Subways and Busses right from my wrist. There is no Apple Watch app that I use more than Transit. Most of the time I don't even open the app, this is also the Apple Watch glance that I use the most often. I swipe up to see the glance and Transit immediately shows me when the next Bus or Subway is coming. Usually with surprising accuracy. For this Transit tops this list bar none. Nothing else comes even close to dethroning Transit.

Honorable Mention:
Clue - Period Tracker;

When I asked my wife (a non geek) which app she couldn't live without, she answered Transit as well. However in a close second for her was Clue. While I can't speak to the utility because, well...I don't have uterus, she swears by Clue. She says it has become the second most useful app on her Apple Watch. Clue helps her track her period, and fertile days, and helps her keep track of anything related to her menstrual cycle. She recommends Clue to any women with an Apple Watch.Apple