Laser Cutting And Engraving

From the cutting of thin materials to fine detailed engraving we're geared up to meet your need. 

Materials such as different types of woods (veneers), metals (alloys), leathers, fabrics (denim), glass, plastics, rubbers, silicone, cardboard, and papers. 

  • Cut projects for modeling structures.

  • Customize your favorite glass with your name or family photo.

  • Engrave your MacBook with your own unique design.

If you can think it we can engrave it!

Contact Us at for help with your project.

What we do:

We use a class 4 laser to cut, score, and engrave just about anything. 

What materials:

We can cut, score, and engrave woods, acrylics, cardboard, draftboard, leather, and fabrics. 

How long does it take? 

We ask for about two weeks so we can cut, score, or engrave, post process, and ship your project to you. Some projects may take longer or less time depending on the complexity of the project.

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